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Vukovarsko Srijemska Travel on It criminalizes bribery for everyone involved in the act of bribery: transnational companies, as well as the foreign civil servants. From an economic and capitalist point of view, a bribe is a rent or personal profit collected by a public servant who is holding a monopolistic position in a public agency. The primary economic cost of bribery is misallocation of resources because it distorts competition and channels resources to areas where they are not used in the most efficient and productive manner. On the other hand, according to the efficient grease hypothesis, bribery could be perceived as a way to go around the bureaucratic red tape, reducing the cost of regulation and hence eliminating delays. Therefore, it could actually improve economic efficiency. However, the argument that bribery could raise efficiency is shortsighted because, in the long run, the persistence of bribery would inevitably lead to an increase in bureaucratic regulation to collect bribes. This proliferation would at one point become regressive enough to lower economic efficiency significantly. Vukovarsko Srijemska Travel 2016.

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