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Volta Travel on Myers Paris as a Financial Centre (Garland, 1936); Marjorie Deane and Robert Pringle, The Central Banks (Viking, 1994); Roger Price, A Concise History of France (Cambridge University Press, 1993). WILLIAM GALLOIS, PH.D. AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH Bank of Japan THE CENTRAL BANK OF JAPAN, entrusted with the task of maintaining the stability of the Japanese currency (the YEN) and the country’s financial system, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) was set up in 1882. It is a corporation whose legal status is governed by a special law (the most recent version enacted in 1998), and although the government owns 55 percent of BOJ shareholders’ capital, the law makes BOJ independent (in particular, there is no provision in the law for shareholders’ meetings). The governing body of BOJ is its Policy Board. The BOJ Governor is appointed by the Cabinet for the term of five years and has to be approved by the Parliament. Volta Travel 2016.

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