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Vologodskaya Travel on Canada is a member of the organization of top economies in the world who participate in the G8 SUMMIT. Historically, Canada has always been seen by Europeans as a privileged place for trade. Because Catholics were not allowed to eat meat during many periods of the year (Lent, Advent, Fridays), Basque and French fishermen sailed around Newfoundland to find rich reserves of cod. One of Canada’s oldest companies, the Hudson Bay Company, was created for fur trading with natives and exportation of furs to Europe. The Hudson Bay Company, founded in 1670, is North America’s oldest commercial enterprise still operating (today, under the name The Bay). At some point, before Canadian confederation (1867), almost half of Canada’s territory was conceded to the Hudson Bay Company. The Canadian confederation was the beginning of modern Canada, first with four founding provinces (Québec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia), then with 10 provinces since 1949 (Newfoundland was the last to join). Vologodskaya Travel 2016.

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