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Vlaams Brabant Travel on Labor is co-equal with land and capital, to be bought and sold and pressed into service for production at the beck and call of capitalism. Introduction xi This, in a way, is an example of dehumanization par excellence. There are no human beings in this model, just commodities”commodities that acquire the social attributes of interacting with each other in exchange through the market. That the commodities for sale represent purposeful labor of a human being is lost in the shuffle. People do not interact with, or depend on, or express their sociality with other people”all this is mediated in the market through commodities’ purchase and sale. There is no temporal transcendence, no reform, no resistance”the peaceful reproduction of the capitalist system continues. Of course, one still has to confront the daily world of capitalism full of roiling resentments, wars of conflicting interests, and general chaos of humanity under duress. Vlaams Brabant Travel 2016.

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