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Visiting New York is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it can be one of the most romantic destinations you can go to. Most people think of Paris or Rome when they think of a honeymoon trip or a romantic vacation, but New York can be pretty romantic year-round.

I absolutely love New York City! What’s there not to love? The park, historical landmarks, remarkable skyscrapers and rich, 24×7 city life make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I went there for my 25th birthday with the man that’s now my husband; with our shared love for fashion and books, and his career in architecture, New York sounded like the perfect destination -and it was.

Like with any other trip, I had a wish list and the top three were watching a New York snowfall, visiting the New York City Public Library and taking a carriage ride through Central Park New York certainly did not disappoint!

Touring the New York City Public Library was just magical! I was mesmerized with its exquisite book collection, wood work, architecture and delicate artwork and since we planned our trip around Christmas time we were fortunate enough to see snow fall just as we stepped outside.

As I took a glimpse of Central Park, I was so impressed, I had to pinch myself it’s so freakishly beautiful! describes it as a welcome oasis of trees and water features in such a hectic city.” My then boyfriend knew about my dream -clich as it may be seen- of getting proposed to on a stylish carriage ride in Central Park. That day, he made that dream come true.

We definitely had an exquisite time in New York City and I recommend it to all couples! As soon as we arrived home, I started to check out the pictures that I took with my cellphone. I could feel the same butterflies when I saw the picture of my fianc and I, wearing my beautiful 3 carat diamond ring, hugging inside the carriage right after he proposed. I wanted to give my future husband something unique to remember that special moment. I took the best picture and made a gorgeous coffee mug with it, I gave it to him at our wedding captioned to a never ending ride… My husband just adored it!

My story is just one of the many love stories in the city, go make your own! Whether you visit in the hot summer, whimsical spring, golden fall or snowy winter, New York offers couples just enough romance to be sweet and a lot of diversity and life not to be sappy.

If you liked the idea of the coffee mug to immortalize your own memories, you can look at the online printer I used to make my personalized coffee mug or search the web to find your own. Think outside the box, my husband’s a coffee-addict, so that fit for him, but you can try anything from a custom tee to a wall to wall canvas print.

What about you? Have you visited New York City? What’s your favorite site? Do you have any exceptional memories? Did any dream in particular come true? Please leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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