Visiting Macau – 10 Interesting Facts

Macau offers interesting facts, engaging activities and mystic as well as many other great reasons for visiting. The region combines a rich blend of ancient Chinese traditions with its unique Portuguese heritage. Macau provides an attractive mixture of natural and handmade beauty, intoxicating cuisine, lavish casinos, entertainment, legends and culture. The following is a list of ten interesting facts along with some highly recommended attractions.

Interesting Facts about Macau

1. Throughout the entire Chinese region, Macau is the one area where gambling is legal.

2. In 1999, the last of the Portuguese governors left Macau, since then it is the only European colony remaining in Asian.

3. When the Portuguese arrived during the 1500s, Macau was the first country in Asia to be colonized.

4. Centuries ago, it served as the transfer and trading point for Chinese slaves sent to Portugal.

5. While rickshaws (locally referred to as trishaws) were at one time the main method of transportation, vacationers now use the cycles for exploring Macau.

6. New hotel rooms were constructed at a rate of sixteen plus rooms per day until 2009, to keep up with the tourist demand.

7. The size of Macau is about the size of 700 football fields, following the development in the area that has occurred since the late 1990s.

8. Macau maintains its own borders and currency, in spite of the fact that today it is under Chinese jurisdiction. Furthermore, interestingly, the flights are recognized as international flights.

9. Half of the territory’s revenues come through legalized gambling, and the casinos employ one-fifth of Macau’s citizens.

10. The favourite game played in the Macau casinos is baccarat.

Places to Visit in Macau

Macau’s Cotai Strip:

The Cotai Strip is similar to the Vegas Strip. However, Macau’s gambling scene is much larger and pulls in approximately five times as much as Las Vegas does in revenues. Legalized gambling has existed in the territory since 1847, and over twenty-two nightclubs offer some of the best casinos in the world. Bringing together elements of the historic Portuguese flavour, the region offers hiking, recreational water sports, bicycling and sunbathing. Along the Strip, visitors will find entertainment, gambling, gourmet dining, and extravagant nightlife.


Sport’s enthusiasts will also appreciate Macau’s Greyhound tracks and Grand Prix racing, drawing visitors from around the globe. Dog and car racing deliver excitement that captivates enthusiasts all year long. Additionally, Macau has served as the setting for a variety of international films such as the 1984 classic, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Many of the car-chase scenes in the film were set in Rua da Felicidade, quite close to the Largo do Senado Square. The harbor and charismatic avenues provide a classic setting that enlivens on-site filming. These locations are also perfect for exploration by travelers.

Beautiful Architecture:

Everything from flawless ultra-modern architecture to neo-classical Portuguese structures is prevalent throughout Macau. Some of the most exquisite architecture in Asia is revealed in the region. Heterogeneous blends of Western and Chinese structures, such as the ruins of Sao Paulo and the Macau Tower, provide perfect examples. Furthermore, the historic area of Macau includes the Senado Square, which is amongst the many piazzas located in Macau’s Historic Centre. These Mediterranean-influenced features offer a watercolour-like vista of pastel buildings. The Centre is the ideal location to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of Macau.

Dancing Waters:

Another featured attraction, Water and Dance, is an experience likely never to be forgotten. Created by Franco Dragone, it provides a superb combination of theatrical elements: calisthenics, dance, water, and light. The show is based on Chinese mythology and exotic Asian themes.

Shopping in Macau:

Exclusive labels are available at discount prices throughout Macau. International shoppers appreciate being able to buy designer brands at just a fraction of their original cost. Many duty-free retailers are scattered throughout elegant hotels, such as the Four Seasons Resort.

The City of Diversity:

Macau contains a varied array of religious beliefs, Buddhism, Catholicism, Taoism, even Confucianism. The A-Ma Temple is located on the Southwestern rim of Macau. It is a famous cliff dwelling, built during the early 16th century.

Due to its rich heritage, resorts, and breathtaking allure, Macau is one of the most stunning international cities. Even though the area is small in stature, it contains one of the largest and most diverse populations found in any region of the world. The historic artifacts, the agreeable climate, and the breathtaking scenery provide visitors and locals with a wealth of experiences, unlike anything else. Likewise, the hospitality and the services provided create an atmosphere that is both friendly and inviting. Consequently, the region attracts tourists from all backgrounds and of all ages. With so many exciting facts and experiences to uncover in Macau, why not come and discover the mystique yourself?

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