Visit To The Unibroue Beers At Le Fourquet Fourchette

You can’t visit the Unibroue brewery in Chambly, Quebec, which is a shame as they are one of Canada’s top and original craft breweries, having made beer since the early 1990s. They brew in the Belgian style with a top-quality range of classic beers, including Blanche de Chambly, their zesty-spicy Witbier, and La Fin du Monde, their big hit and Canada’s most-awarded beer—this is a boozy, ripe, and rich Tripel. Unibroue were one of the breweries that introduced a taste for Belgian beers to emerging American and Canadian drinkers.

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The best place to drink these beers is down the road from the brewery at Le Fourquet Fourchette, close to the imposing Fort Chambly. Walk in and you’ll be stepping back in time. It’s all dark wood, like the bowels of an intricately carved old ship. Wooden barrels hang over the bar. You’ve got the main dining hall, the more intimate Chasse-Galerie Tavern, and The Abbey Hall, which looks just like an old abbey hall (even though it’s never been one) with its arched, cloistered ceiling. If the weather is good, you can sit outside overlooking the Richelieu River; if the weather isn’t good, then huge west-facing windows give you the same great view without getting cold or wet.

The name of the restaurant means brewing mash “rake” and fork and that’s the essence of what you’ll find—beer and food. There are a few taps of Unibroue and the rest of the beers are in bottles, most of them 26fl-oz (750-ml) corked bottles. The food is very good and smart, featuring beer in many of the recipes and showcasing some Quebecoise dishes. There’s a suggested beer match for every plate, something the brewery is particularly focused on, and it’s one of the better, most-considered beer venues for matching dinner and drink, where you can work through the elegant and powerful range of Unibroue’s beers. The brewery is now owned by Sapporo, but that should be of zero concern because of the ongoing quality of these fine beers.

The Lowdown

WHAT: Le Fourquet Fourchette

HOW: (For more on the brewery, visit

WHERE: 1887 Avenue Bourgogne, Chambly, Quebec J3L 1Y8, Canada

The best of beer and food at Le Fourquet Fourchette.

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