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Visit to china on Submission, a film featuring four Muslim women describing the sexual and physical abuse they endured at the hands of family members, aired on Dutch national television in August 2004 and created an immediate furor in the Muslim community. In the film, the women wore transparent robes in which their breasts were clearly visible and Koranic texts describing the physical punishments for disobedient women were written on their naked bodies. Van Gogh received numerous death threats from outraged Muslims who viewed the film as offensive rather than as a vehicle to force dialogue between liberal and conservative ideas. Around 8:30 A.M. on November 2, 2004, van Gogh was bicycling on Linnaeus Street in the eastern part of Amsterdam near Oosterpark, when a young man wearing traditional Muslim garb rode up beside him and began shooting at close range. Wounded, the director fell from the bike and staggered across the street with his assailant in pursuit. Visit to china 2016.

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