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For my my blog, The Best Beer in the World, I went around the globe in search of the greatest beers and stories, but in my head I was saving one place until last, and that was Birrificio Italiano, in Lurago Marinone, north of Milan. Agostino Arioli started the brewery in 1996, making it one of the oldest craft breweries in Italy, and with his first beer he created Italy’s first local beer style: the Italian Pilsner. Inspired by clean, dry, and bitter German Pilsners, such as Jever, the twist is that they are heavily dry-hopped. The resulting beer is Tipopils, a “kind of Pils,” and you need to drink it.

Visit to Birrificio Italiano THE HOME OF ITALIAN PILSNER Photo Gallery

The Lowdown

WHAT: Birrificio Italiano pub/restaurant HOW: www. birrificio. it

WHERE: Via Castello, 51, 22070 Lurago Marinone (CO), Italy

The best place to drink Tipopils is at the brewery’s pub, where the beers were made before a new facility was built nearby. You’ll get a tall, thin glass of gleaming golden beer with a thick, white foam on top, a foam that holds all the amazing hop aromas, such as citrus pith, grass, and blossom. The body is lean, just a touch of malt comes through, but it’s strong enough to hold onto all the hop flavor, allowing the beer to finish bitter and refreshing.

Tipopils is an incredible beer and just one of the many amazing beers that Birrificio Italiano brew: Delia is an extra-hoppy, but lighter, Italian Pils; Bibock is a marvelously malty bock that’s still bitter and aromatic; there are excellent IPAs; and a range of sour and fruited beers. The bar also serves good food to go with the beer.

It’s an essential beer pilgrimage to try this classic Italian style of beer in the original Italian brewery. The reason I saved this brewery to the end of my world beer search was because I thought it might be the best beer. I wasn’t disappointed.

Every year in May, the brewery also hosts Pils Pride, which is a celebration of Italian Pilsners. I’ve never been, so that’s definitely still on my Beer Bucket List.

One of the best beers in the world..


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