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Virgin Islands, U.S. Map on the death of a loved one) or a physical trauma. suggestibility n. a state in which the ideas, beliefs, attitudes, or actions of others are readily and uncritically adopted. suicidal ideation suicidal thoughts or a preoccupation with suicide, often as a symptom of a MAJOR DEPRESSIVE EPISODE. suicide n. the act of killing oneself. Frequently, suicide occurs in the context of a major depressive episode, but it may also occur as a result of a substance-use or other disorder. Virgin Islands, U.S. Map 2016.

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Then the IG system packed up: three days more. I whooped it up in Singapore every night, taking in the bars in Anson Road and the wild street market in Bugis Street. The fourth engineer came with me twice, but he was usually dragooned with the rest of the engineers into helping make the ship work again. I was quite happy going ashore on my own, making friends for the night, catching the launch to shore at half past midnight and getting back for breakfast. I slept in the afternoons.

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