Vilnius Map

Vilnius Map

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Vilnius Map on Arab nationalism and capitalism. Despite the generalized focus of many Arab states on economic development through heavy investment in the public sector and despite the avowed sympathy of Arab nationalists for different varieties of non-Marxian socialism (including Michel Aflak’s Arab socialism, and Habib Bourghiba’s constitutional socialism) and non-capitalist paths to development, Arab states always remained open to capitalism, and followed capitalist principles in banking, TRADE, investment, MARKETING, and management. An important consequence, flowing from both Arab nationalism and non-alignment, was the public attitude toward foreign aid. Though it is impossible to generalize the economic and fiscal policies of 22 Arab countries, which exhibited significant differences among themselves, the public attitude toward foreign aid, particularly from previous colonizers, such as the UNITED KINGDOM and FRANCE, as well as other capitalist countries such as the UNITED STATES, was one of caution and careful negotiation. Other significant policy implications included land reforms, (subsequent enfranchisement of peasants), preferential trade relations with Arab and African countries, and knowledge and technology transfer from the socialist bloc. Critical evaluation. Arab nationalism has been criticized from three perspectives: Western, Religious, and Nationalist. Vilnius Map 2016.

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