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Vietnam travel on Unable to capture Big L’s street smart style, Columbia dropped him after the record tanked. Loved by the hip-hop underground, Big L joined the Bronx-based group D.I.T.C. (Diggin’ in the Crates) in the summer of 1998 and appeared in concerts in Amsterdam and Japan. Back in New York City, he had recently released the single Ebonics on his own Flamboyant Entertain ment label when the talented and likable 24-year-old was gunned down just three blocks from his home in Harlem. Vietnam travel 2016.

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On the final stretch we steamed past Islay, then went between the Mull of Kintyre and the grey-green shore of County Antrim, before swinging into Belfast Lough. Belfast gave us trouble, or more accurately gave me trouble. We were taking crates of Irish liqueurs on board to be stowed in the lockers in Number 3 hatch. The lockers were already part-loaded with Scotch from Grangemouth. The Belfast loading gang wanted scotch, they believed it their right to break a case. They ask me if they could accidentally drop one. I said no. I put a cadet on guard. The dockers looked at me with hatred. They worked go-slow to the point of not working.

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