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Viesltes Novads Travel on Being on the coast also gave it trading advantages. Trade with Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean states introduced terracing in the area, helping to increase land cultivation. About the time of Christ, climatic change increased rainfall in Aksum so that crops could be increased to two harvests a year, even on poor soil. This allowed for the production of an agricultural surplus and led to specialization in trades, the rise of merchants, and the gradual formation of a ruling elite of Aksum kings. Aksum was so prosperous that it became a metropolis with satellite urban centers sprawling across the northern plateau of Ethiopia. Aksum became a trading center, controlling most of the trade on the east coast of Africa and the hinterland. It established long-distance trading relationships with INDIA, CHINA, the Black Sea area, and SPAIN. Viesltes Novads Travel 2016.

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