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Vestfold Travel on Every limit (Grenze) appears as a barrier to be overcome (Marx 1973, 408; emphasis in original). It is interesting to note that the German word Grenze used by Marx is the same one usually employed to denote a political border. The passage of the Grundrisse from which we take this quote is also important from the point of view of the parallel (and once again the articulation) between the analysis of capital’s creation of absolute surplus value and production of relative value”that is, the production of surplus value based on the increase and development of the productive forces (408). Although the first requires an extensive growth of the spaces subjugated by capital, the second requires an intensive reshaping of the whole social life submitted to the imperative of capital’s accumulation. The production of new consumption (which also means the production of new needs and discovery and creation of new use values) is crucial in this respect. What is needed, Marx writes, is that the surplus labour gained does not remain a merely quantitative surplus, but rather constantly increases the circle of qualitative differences within labour (hence of surplus labour), makes it more diverse, more internally differentiated (Marx i973> 408). Although the constitution of the world market is directly posited as the tendency corresponding to the first extensive axis of capital’s expansion, it also sets the rule (the substratum in Marx’s terms) for the second one, which we call intensive expansion. Vestfold Travel 2016.

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