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Vermont Travel on The act also provides for private parties injured by violations to seek civil remedies, which can be upwards of triple the amount of damages done to them. The first case in which the U.S. Supreme Court interpreted the Sherman Antitrust Act was United States v. E.C. Knight Co. Vermont Travel 2016.

As is typical in middle school, grades of all the groups decreased, but the grades of African American students who wrote essays about positive values in seventh grade decreased less steeply. At the end of two years, the low-achieving African American students who wrote about positive values scored half a grade point higher and they were significantly less likely to be in a remediation program than those who wrote on neutral topics. Booster essays in eighth grade had no effects on grades. Again, writing essays did not improve the grades of European American students. The researchers speculated that low-achieving students became discouraged at their initial low performance level, believing they were confirming the negative stereotype.

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