Vegas Wedding Tips and Tricks

After a long day spent looking at venues or poring over flower arrangements, you may have joked with your significant other about high-tailing it to Las Vegas and getting married on the quick. The more that planning the wedding starts to eclipse the joy of actually getting married, the more attractive a Vegas elopement gets. If the jokes you’ve been making about Vegas are turning into jokes, here are a few things to consider.

Get the marriage application in advance

Even though Las Vegas is known for its quickie weddings, you still have to fill out a marriage application and turn it in, at the Clark County Marriage Bureau. You can print out the applications online–one for each member of the couple–but you’ll still have to file them in person. Once you turn in the application, you’ll get the marriage license, which means you can get married at the chapel of your choice.

Yes, you can rent a wedding dress

Vegas weddings are all about no hassle, no pre-planning, no-stress convenience. Don’t feel like dropping thousands of dollars on a wedding dress? Rent one! You can still be a stylish bride on the big day, but you won’t have a makeup-stained dress sitting in your closet for the next twenty years.

It’s not all Elvis impersonators

The classic image of a Vegas wedding is the officiant in a white jumpsuit, rocking the aviator glasses and sideburns, crooning his way through the wedding vows. But these days, it’s not all about Elvis. Get married by Michael Jackson, Judy Garland or Britney Spears (possibly the actual Britney Spears). Or, you know, just a regular Justice of the Peace, minister, rabbi, or Wiccan priestess.

It’s in the desert

Las Vegas looks so fabulous on TV and in the movies that it’s easy to forget it’s in the middle of the desert. George Clooney and Brad Pitt didn’t break a sweat in their fancy suits in Ocean’s 11, but if you’re having a summer wedding in the desert, you’re going to run the risk of heatstroke in a tux. It’s a good idea to keep the ceremony indoors, at least until nightfall.

Plan on around $600 for the whole shebang

Sure, $600 isn’t exactly chump change, but it’s definitely a bargain compared to what a wedding can cost. Most chapels run a package deal–they’ll pick up the couple and the wedding party in a limo, transport them to the chapel, provide a service with flowers, music, sparklers, and witnesses, then drop you back at the hotel when the deed is done.

Roll right into the honeymoon

What is the best part of a Las Vegas wedding? You’re already at a premium location with tons of hotels, scenic views, mountains of stuff to do, and people ready to cater to your every whim. If you’ve got the bankroll to do it right, your Vegas wedding can turn into a Vegas vacation with ease. Make sure to tell your bartenders, servers, and everyone else that you just got married, and watch the perks roll in.

A runaway Vegas wedding isn’t for everyone. But if getting away from it all and just getting married with a minimum of hassle sounds good to you; keep these tips in mind as you book your Vegas wedding.

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