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Vaud Travel on A recent exampIe is the Boston Marathon bombing that left three de ad and an estimated 264 injured, sorne grievously. Nostromo’s Representation of Capitalist Imperialism Nostromo provides a parabolic representation of the violent and unjust side of human history. These traits of human nature, organized in civil wars, revolutions, and acts of terror, have certainly stood in the way of Sulaco becoming a community, to put it mildly. Nevertheless, one needs to ask just what has made these deplorable aspects of so-called human nature especially active in Sulaco. These aspects always stand in the way of law, order, justice, democracy, and civil society. The answer is twofold. First there was the murderous invasion of South America by the Spanish that killed many of the indigenous population and enslaved the rest, driving them to forced labor and destroying their cultures. Vaud Travel 2016.

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