Vatican Holy See Map

Vatican (Holy See) Map on If still in on the short, a reversal exit above bar 4 will have been a valid call (W-pattern middle-part break) . Figure 1 1 . 1 0 This picture shows the follow-up action to the previous chart, Figure 1 1 .9 . Considering the extent of buildup within the 2-3 progression, entering short below bar 3 appears justified, but as we know, even solid buildup does not rule out the false break potential. A Chapter I I Adapting to Low Volatility favorable element here was the prominent OO-level already in view, but the adverse 20-level was still very close. A thing that may have favored the short also was the pole-flag-swing potential, meaning a break below bar 3 could have resulted in a follow-through swing that would mimic the length of the 1 -2 pole from which the 2-3 flag (descending triangle) was hanging. Vatican (Holy See) Map 2016.

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