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Vaslui Travel on Take the student who works while studying toward a degree that promises to assist his or her migration ambitions. Such a subject often moves from the abject status of deportability, due to visa regulations that limit working hours, to becoming a valued permanent resident on the completion of studies and before the decision to leave for another destination (Baas 2010; Neilson 2009). The intervention of myriad brokers, middlemen, and recruitment agencies make this migratory landscape even more complicated. As governments adjust their point systems to maximize their ends, so migrants and the agents who assist and feed off them continually invent tactics to negotiate, exploit, and move through these hierarchized control devices. The blurring of the boundaries between legality and illegality is always at stake in these temporal contentions. Point systems not only appeal to states that face the economic and social pressures associated with an increasingly cognitive capitalism and the related global race for talent, they also provide avenues for slipping through gaps and multiplying chances for mobility on the part of those who fall on the wrong side of what Ayelet Shachar calls the birthright lottery (Shachar 2009). This has important consequences in both so-called migration sending and receiving countries. Vaslui Travel 2016.

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