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Varmland Travel on So, I drove to your house, told your mother you’d called and told me what happened, explained how sorry you were, said I didn’t want to be the source of any more problems between you, In the inferno of a mine in Potosi, Bolivia, one of the many thousands of miners working veins of silver wards off fatigue with a wad of coca. Primed by plunder like this silver llama, the Spaniards sent Inca into the Potosi mines, which produced some 60 percent of the wealth Spain took from the Americas in the 16th and 17th centuries. PHOTOGRAPHED AT GOLD MUSEUM crowned early in 1534. Pizarro intended that Manco would be a puppet, helping the Spaniards subjugate his people. PIZARRO, NOW IN HIS LATE 50S, set about governing and plundering the land he had conquered. The treasures of Cuzco were seized, melted down, and distributed among the adventurers. The haul of gold and silver was even bigger than that from Ata-hualpa’s ransom. Varmland Travel 2016.

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