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Vancouver Map Tourist Attractions on His son was unhurt. Police suspected the rapper’s murder was tied in with three separate slayings in Savannah during a two week period. All the victims knew one another and had criminal records. At the rapper’s funeral service at Temple of Glory Community Church, the Reverend Matthew M. Odum, Sr. told the standing room only crowd of 2,000 that it was never too late to turn away from violence. You can get saved with crack in your pocket, preached the reverend. Vancouver Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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Peter and I went out that evening and returned late. I entertained him with sea tales. I was back at the King George docks for duty at 0700 the next morning. We had a few inter-ship parties while we were there, with a Clan Line ship just in from India, laden with spice and tea, and a Palm Line liner on its turnaround from the West African coast with a cargo of groundnuts, vegetable oils and timber. They were noisy boozy affairs, held in the bars of either the Benledi or the Clan Macnair or the Ibadan Palm.

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