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Static equilibrium. An equilibrium which, once achieved, does not change over time. The values of the variables at that equilibrium position continue to hold for all time. This is in contrast to a dynamic equilibrium such as balanced growth, in which the values of the variables are changing systematically over time.

Statistical inference. That branch of statistics which is concerned with

Steady-state growth

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Vacations near chicago Photo Gallery

2 – Africa, Volume II – gave an appropriate description of the place: Nothing is more uninviting that the appearance of the coast between Walvis Bay and the mouth of the Orange River The whole of the country which extends from Cabo Negro to beyond Itshabo Island is a desert region and almost rainless There is no landing place between Cabo Frio and Rocky Point; and the nearest known water holes are at least ten miles inland and very rare Great caution is necessary when navigating in the vicinity. The northern part of South West Africa, now modern-day Namibia, is known as the Skeleton Coast, named after the hundreds of shipwrecks that littered the area after having struck offshore rocks in the fog. The name is also thought to have come from the whale skeletons that were scattered along the coast in the nineteenth century, when whaling was in full swing. We tracked up this notorious land, keeping well offshore, calling first at Luderitz for a day, to offload mining equipment. Luderitz had the feel of a frontier town, the place was fenced in to stop people walking into the diamond-rich areas in the Namib desert, where precious stones were said to lie on the desert floor.

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