Vacations for kids

Vacations for kids on Bell informed Cochran that Fuhrman used to regale the soldiers with stories of niggers and how we would pull them over on some pretext if he saw them driving in cars with white women. Going further, the LAPD cop allegedly said he would like to see all niggers herded together in one place and bombed to extinction. Beyond Bell’s claim that the officer displayed signs of hateful racism (the prosecution was already aware of her assertions) Fuhrman had a contentious history within his own department. In August 1983, he filed suit against the City of Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension Fund in an attempt to claim a stress-related disability. In his 283 Simpson own documentation supplied to the court, Fuhrman emerged as a dangerously unbalanced man who probably should not remain a police officer. The city countered that Fuhrman was a competent officer who was involved in an elaborate ruse to win a pension. The city won the case and Fuhrman remained on the force. Vacations for kids 2016.

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