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Vacation travel on New York: Penguin, 2006. van Pallandt, Frederik (V) Dubbed the Peter, Paul and Mary of Europe in the early 1960s, the folk tinged singing of Nina and Frederik made the duo internationally popular. A member of Dutch royalty, Baron Frederik Jan Gustav Floris van Pallandt (born in Copenhagen on May 14, 1934) was the son of the former Ambassador of the Netherlands to Denmark. He married Nina Moller in 1954 and by Christmas 1959 Nina & Frederik had their first success in Britain, Mary’s Boy Child, a revival of the 1957 Harry Belafonte hit. Another religious song followed, Little Donkey, staying on the charts for ten weeks between November 1960 and February 1961, followed later in the year by the single Sucu Sucu. In 1969, after three children and five albums, Frederik abruptly announced to Nina they were retiring. The couple separated later that year. Vacation travel 2016.

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