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Other kinds of demands, the ones that lack ethical values, also form the prosperous life idea. What one typically needs for this is the spiritual needs that can be convened into commercial means. A classical advertisement of an average brand forms modem life styles as an emotional need, which one can realize by buying and consuming.

Life styles gradually dominate brand commercials.

For example, everyone needs to be happy and everyone needs to entertain himself/herself. Taking this fact into account, marketing communications developed a form of pleasure” as a life style. What is interesting here is the economical meaning behind this style, as it is implied that using thc means of’pleasure’, one can create certain social traditions. It means wc do not have taste or pleasure if we exercise on grass wearing our old trainers. On the other hand, if wc exercise in a gym along with attractive sports clothes that suitably fit our body, it will be a totally different case. One can think the difference lies in thc better atmosphere and a more motivating environment. There arc many factors for pleasure to be valuable. The main difference here is that, anyone can achieve the first situation whereas the second one needs money spent on it.

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Vacation sites Photo Gallery

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