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Vacation places on Midnight Love had been out four months and CBS expected Gaye to tour in support of the album even though concert promoters (burned in the past by the singer’s no shows) were cau – tiously optimistic. The Midnight Love Tour commenced with two dates in San Diego on April 15? 16, 1983 and lasted over four months with 60 shows in 40 cities. Backed by 25 musicians and assorted supporting vocalists, the ambitious shows lasted two hours and included costume changes. Badly timed (the album had been out too long and Michael Jackson’s Thriller was at the top of the charts), the tour degenerated into a maelstrom of drugs, lurid sex, and paranoia. Death threats made against Gaye early in the tour convinced the black Sinatra that he was going to be shot onstage. Fueled by cocaine binges, Gaye in – structed his bodyguards to carry a small arsenal of weapons including a submachine gun. To confuse would-be assassins, he had family members who looked like him accompany him through airports and other public places. Vacation places 2016.

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