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The affair of Apiarius, seemingly settled, bounced back several years later. Admitted to the clergy of Tabarka, the sad hero of this story gave himself up to new excesses. Vacation places in Hawaii Excommunicated again, he once again sought refuge at Rome, where Pope Celestine admitted him to communion. A new Roman legation was sent to Carthage, headed by the same Faustinus of Potenza in Picenum who had presided over that of 418419. He insisted on Apiarius’s reinstatement and made a great noise about the privileges of the Roman church. But events quickly took an unexpected turn: Apiarius, of his own accord, made a genuine confession, and Faustinus had no option but to apologize. In the letter they sent to Pope Celestine, the Africans summed up all these disputes in a council of Carthage, which must be placed around 424 CCL 149, 169-172. They reaffirmed the principles of their legislation on ecclesiastical procedure and excommunication and asked the Roman pontiff to be willing in the future to respect them in their entirety, since they were in perfect agreement with the canons of Nicaea. And finally, they begged him to abstain from any untimely intervention in local affairs through his legates. The single canon published by this council clearly manifests the Africans’ exasperation: Ut nullus ad romanam ecclesiam audeat appellare CCL 149, 266. On 13 June 421 a general council of Africa was held at Carthage, but its acts are lost.

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