Vacation hot spots

Vacation hot spots on Three or four markets will usually do. (Tip: an easy way to add an extra monitor to your home setup is to hook it up via a graphic adapter in the USB port, rather than replacing the standard dual-head card with an expensive triple or four-head card.) To see the benefits of a multiple-market approach, here’s a quick preview on some accounting principles to be discussed in Chapter 10. When adhering to a ratio between risk and reward of 1 :2 , a winning trade will add 2 points and a non- scratch loss will take off 1 ; should an intermediate trader score an average of, say, a full winner, a full loser and a half 10ser a day, this will amount to about 10 points profit per month (a 0.5 point per day times 20 trading days) . If this prospect does not seem too unreasonable , consider also the following. When 248 Chapter 9 Consecutive Intraday Charts increasing unit size on a weekly basis, as will be explained in detail, any account will grow tenfold within the year on 10 points profit per month-provided this hypothetical consistency is maintained on an average of 2. Vacation hot spots 2016.

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