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Vacation areas on Janicke opened the door of the vestibule in time to see Robert Ambrosino come up behind her daughter, tap her on the shoulder, and as Benson turned, shoot her once in the eye with an unlicensed .45-caliber Starfire pistol before fatally shooting himself between the eyes. Benson died the next day at Bellevue Hospital surrounded by loved ones. In Ambrosino’s apartment, authorities found eight handwritten notes to family and friends in which he said he loved them, and that his decision to murder Benson and himself was not premeditated. Less than two months after her senseless killing, Benson’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode aired. In it, she played a restaurant worker trying to help police catch the killer of a woman in the prime of her life. The episode ended with a brief tribute that read, In Memory of Lyric Benson. Vacation areas 2016.

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