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Botte: this is the most important purpose. If there was a eucharistic celebration, they took part in the first part, receiving only a bread of exorcism, eulogia 26; the prayer of the believers and the kiss of peace were prohibited them 18.27. An appropriate amount of time was dedicated to initiation to prayer. The meetings closed with laying on of hands by the teacher 18-19 and with special prayers. Uzbekistan Metro Map Election was preceded by a second examination, at the beginning of Lent, regarding their moral conduct including assistance to the poor and care for the sick during the catechumenal period, assessed by the didascalia and the godparents. The elect were chosen for a second type of catechesis, the hearing of the gospel, accompanied daily by laying on of hands for exorcism 20. In this way they were introduced into the immediate preparation for baptism, with admittance to the baptismal liturgy 20. The baptismal period seems to have coincided with the week prior to Easter: in a place separate from the catechumens, the elect receive a daily laying on of hands and an exorcism; on Thursday they bathe; on Friday and Saturday they fast. They are called by the bishop, who exorcises them, breathes on their face, signs them with the cross on the forehead, ears and nostrils 20. On Saturday night they keep vigil with Bible readings and catechesis. At the cockcrow, the rite proceeds with the renunciation of Satan diabolus, pompa, angeli eius apotaxis, anointing with oil for exorcism 21, threefold question of faith parents respond for infants, and the administration of baptism by triple immersion J. J¼thner, s.v. Bad: RAC 1, 1140-1141. The bishop administers confirmation, followed by the entrance of the neophytes into the waiting assembly of the faithful, for common participation in the Eucharist V. Saxer, op. cit., 109-119: Tr. Ap. for the councils, see RAC 20, 517. At Carthage, ca. 200, Tertullian’s De poenitentia and De baptismo O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 438 present the order of baptism E. Dekkers, T. en de geschiedenis der Liturgie, Brussels 1947, 164-173; A. Holbaj, Catechesi ai catecumeni negli scritti di T., Diss., Rome 1984; Ch. Munier ed., Tertullien. La pnitence SC 316 1984 37-51: penitence and catechumenate. Here we seem to find echoes of the Roman catechumenate. The Christian community is composed of the bishop, presbyters, deacons, lectors, widows and virgins; the laity is composed of the fideles baptized and the audientes catechumens, who, at the time of Tertullian and of Cyprian, did not constitute a distinct group. The community was divided into two categories: the ordo ecclesiae ecclesiastical ordines and the laity, simple believers plebs. The doctrinal and disciplinary treatise De baptismo provides information on Christian initiation and the baptismal liturgy at the beginning of the 3rd c. Liturgical practice was the theological place of doctrinal reflection. The church of Carthage, faced with many converts, opened the catechumenate discipleship or novitiate tirocinia adultorum Tertullian, De paen.

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