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M. Forlin Patrucco II. Council. The emperor Valens had divided Cappadocia into two civil provinces, with capitals at Caesarea and Tyana. Anthimus, bishop of Tyana, took advantage of this to claim full metropolitan rights over his city. Basil disagreed, claiming that civil divisions were irrelevant to ecclesiastical organization. A synod, held in 372 in an unspecified place, accepted this thesis and admitted the possibility of creating new episcopal sees. Uzbekistan Map Basil then consecrated his friends as bishops of small towns in Cappadocia Secunda, including Gregory of Nazianzus for the isolated village of Sasima. Mansi 3, 453-454; Tillemont, Mmoires pour servir   l’histoire eccl., Venice 1722, vol. 9, 174-182; Basil, Ep. 58, 92, 120-122, 210; Gregory of Nazianzus, Ep. 47-50; N. Thierry, La Cappadoce de l’antiquit au Moyen ‚ge, Turnhout 2002.

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