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Uusimaa Travel on P. Giannini’s vision of a nationwide chain of branch banks operating under a single charter had finally been achieved. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Marquis James and Bessie R. James, Biography of a Bank: The Story of Bank of America (Harper & Brothers, 1954); Felice A. Bonadio, A.P. Uusimaa Travel 2016.

Upper-income parents focused on children’s uniqueness and difference, and expected schools and teachers to appreciate their children’s distinctive qualities. Upper income African American parents arranged what Pugh termed an exposed childhood, enrolling their children in integrated schools where they were among only a few African American students and in leisure activities and sports teams with low-income students so children could feel comfortable with a wide range of people. They did not worry that their child might be the only one of their race in school or the only one of their class background in leisure activities. Being exposed to all these activities and differences made them strong. Because commercial products come to signify emotional connection, belonging, being cared for, Pugh believes it is difficult to reduce attachments to commercial products unless parents bind together as a community and discourage elaborate, expensive birthday parties or expensive Halloween costumes that reinforce status positions and social class distinctions and require poor parents to spend money to give their child dignity that low income often erodes.

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