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Uttaradit Travel on Today in Jerusalem he sings Tchaikovsky and Verdi for a few shekels and, he says, for strength. Ballerina Veronica Gian found a professional home at the Haifa Ballet, a troupe founded and directed by Soviet emigres, who struggle to pay the dancers. Three months ago I was full of hope, she says. Now I think about leaving. Maybe to the U. S., adopted home of Russian ballet icon Mikhail Baryshnikov. Uttaradit Travel 2016.

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What was starting to depress me even more, though, was my personal situation, my singular lack of development over the past ten years. The 1970s were coming to a close and I was twenty-six years old, but I sometimes felt that I hadn’t taken a step forward since I’d been sixteen. My only personal advancement was dishonourable: I had shed the shyness that used to hobble me socially and replaced it with an oily smoothness that gave me reasonable success with the opposite sex, as long as I polished myself up first with a bit of inebriation. I had yet to find a serious girlfriend. I was quick to take advantage of a situation on offer, and just as quick to abandon it and move on.

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