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Ustecky Travel on Old Giorgio’s wife, for example, dies in the midst of the Monterist revolution, just as Garibaldi’s wife had died in the woods from exhaustion during one of Garibaldi’s campaigns for freedom, and just as Conrad’s mother had died from the effects of the exile imposed by the Russian authorities on her husband, Conrad’s father, for his political activities. What even Teresa Viola’s husband does not understand about her, though Dr. Monygham glimpses it, is that she is secretly motivated by a love for Nostromo that is something more than motherly and by a fervent 210 Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo desire to have Nostromo become the husband of one ofher daughters. Old Giorgio, the narrator says, was in profound ignorance of his wife’s views and hopes (281). Old Giorgio Viola himself, as the narrator never tires oftelling us, is an old Garibaldino entirely preoccupied with his past as a soldier in Garibaldi’s revolutionary army fighting in Montevideo and then in Italy, by his adulation of Garibaldi, whose portrait hangs in his house, and by his grief that the cause of ltalian and South American liberty has been betrayed by reactionary counter-revolutionaries: This stern devotion to a cause had cast a gloom upon Giorgio’s old age. It cast a gloom because the cause seemed lost. Too many kings and emperors flourished yet in the world wh¯ch God had meant for the people (35). Ustecky Travel 2016.

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