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Usa travel destinations on For Radin’s part, he was anxious to do business with the producer of The Godfather, but looked upon Laney Jacobs as nothing more than a broker in the deal, not as a potential partner. Shortly after the trio met, one of the drug dealer’s employees, Tally Rogers, ripped off $270,000 in cash and cocaine with a street value of over $1 million from Jacobs’ home. Laney Jacobs either had to find the product, make good the loss out of her own pocket, or face retribution from her Miami boss. She immediately suspected Radin was somehow involved in the theft since Rogers lived near him in the Regency Hotel. She angrily called Radin, accused him of complicity in the crime, and was met with a strong rebuff. Unconvinced by his protestations of innocence, Jacobs got in touch with some muscle William Molony Mentzer, a 38-year-old bodybuilder and bodyguard for Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine, and his friend, Alex Lamota Marti, 22, a fellow-bodybuilder and onetime Flynt bodyguard who also happened to be a rabid Nazi sympathizer and Jew hater. Jacobs soon became sexually involved with Mentzer, a pattern of seduction the narcotics distributor had followed since her earliest days in the business. Usa travel destinations 2016.

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