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Usa top places to visit on An article published in the October 7, 1999 issue of the French magazine L’Express, based largely on interviews with Peaklica’s family (since safely relocated outside of Cambodia), named names. The investigative piece quoted entries from Peaklica’s diary in which she described a torrid affair with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, and later, a meeting with National Police Chief and Sen loyalist, Hok Lundy, in which he warned her not to continue to see Sen because it infuriated Bun Rany, the Prime Minister’s wife. After the meeting, Peaklica wrote in her diary, Bun Rany is angry and wants to take my life. The article quoted Peaklica’s seven-yearold niece, Saren Sereiman, as saying that shortly after the shooting, the wounded star turned to her and whispered, It is Mrs. Hun Sen who did this. L’Express also asserted that Hun Sen bought Peaklica an $180,000 house, and opened a $200,000 bank account for her. Both Hun Sen and his wife denied any involvement in Peaklica’s murder crediting the numerous allegations against them to a politically motivated smear campaign orchestrated by their opponents in the government. Usa top places to visit 2016.

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