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A valued communication is not different from the classical advertisement in how it functions. But there are differences in the content. It is related to the value profile of thc brand name developed. This combines ethical values with emotional life styles and it forms a synthesis between value and life style.

Thc weak point of classical marketing is that it deals only with emotional life styles. When asking the question what does the consumer want, it answers it through the how does the consumer feel question. As for an answer to this question, it sees every brand name a satisfying product, a product that satisfies the need for consumption.

Ethical marketing accepts the fact that emotional values cannot be indirectly satisfied with consumption, as these values are present only in the consumers consciousness. They are abstract thoughts and ideas. The consumer seeks for satisfaction for his/her own value consciousness.

In dm respect, he/she buys and uses brand names.

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Usa best places Photo Gallery

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