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Us travel places on The first was offered in bar 7 when it broke the high of its bullish neighbor (or else a few pip higher up, on the break of the middle-part’s high) . In the high of bar 7, prices bounced in a bearish triple (ceiling test, round number and 25ema) but we cannot say the bulls were very impressed. If still in the short, the second option was to bail out on the break of mini bar 8; if that break was deemed too meager, the short was a definite scratch on the break of bar 9 . And still at zero damage. Not a good idea would have been to immediately reposition on the bear side when bar 1 0 dipped below bar 9 (bear-flag break) , so as to trade the bull break for failure. Not only was no valid entry provided (no bearish signal bar to short below) , there was the adverse magnet of the 222 Chapter 8 Recap Part I round number to consider, plus the fact that the first hour of the UK session had shown the bulls quite persistent. By the same token, it would have been quite aggressive also to have entered long on the break of bar 10, so as to trade the bear break for failure in turn. Us travel places 2016.

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