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Regulation is generally regarded as an alternative to nationalization nationalized industries) as a means of controlling natural monopolies. The main distinguishing feature is that ownership of the firm remains in private hands, while the state exercises control of prices and possibly investment through a regulatory agency or commission. In the U.K. the proposal by the Conservative government to denationalize’ British Telecom essentially involves changing its status from a nationalized to a regulated monopoly.

Rent. The price paid per unit of time for the services of a durable good and, in particular, land and buildings. Thus we speak of the rent of a house or of a piece of land. But, in addition, one may rent a computer, rather than buy it outright, or rent a television set, and the payments for this will be referred to as rents or rentals. In economics, the term rent is often given a more specific meaning economic rent). quasi-rent; ricardo, d.

Rental rent.

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Us travel destinations 2015 Photo Gallery

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