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Us family vacations on Baloi, 39, was returning from a poorly attended show with Landscape Prayers’ Nibs van der Spuy in Pretoria’s Lucit Candle Gardens to his home in the Kensington district of Johannesburg when he was shot at three times by two gunmen in a central street in that city in the early morning hours of April 4, 2004. Struck in the neck, the musician managed to drive his car fifty yards before getting out, staggering a few feet, then collapsing dead on the pavement. The robbers took Baloi’s wallet, but left his instruments in the car. South Africa, long known as the murder capital of the world, has a crime rate estimated at eight times the overall homicide rate of the United States. A spokesman for the African National Congress Youth League characterized the dead musician as an icon for millions of young people who contributed to the creation of a free South Africa through art. Acting on a public tip in late April 2004, police arrested four men (ages 21?28) in connection with the murder and confiscated three guns, two of them unlicensed. As of May 2005, however, no one has been charged with Baloi’s murder and the case remains open. Us family vacations 2016.

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