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Us family vacation ideas on To check the amazing benefits of compounding for yourself, you 386 Chapter 1 0 Trade Size-Compounding could run your numbers through a rather complicated mathematical formula, but a much quicker way is to look up a compound interest calculator on the web. There are many of them freely available. (Find a simple one that only compounds interest annually, not quarterly.) Since these calculators are originally designed for annual interest computations, you have to discard the years-to-grow box and read it as if it says weeks-to-grow. You only have to type in three entries: Current principle (your account balance), weeks-to-grow (the number of weeks you want to project) and the interest rate (see below) . If there is a box for annual addition, just set it to zero. Some calculators may not allow you to type in more than 40 weeks (years basically) ; just find one that has no limit. Us family vacation ideas 2016.

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