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r¼mqi Map on Both Hearst papers, The Los Angeles Examiner and The San Francisco Examiner, printed sensationalized editorials basically implying Arbuckle was a sex killer. Church and civic groups throughout the country cried for the screen star’s blood and by extension criticized the excesses of the entire film community. Bowing to the power of the press and public opinion, Paramount withdrew the comedian’s films from circulation and systematically distanced itself from him. Filmdom’s ultimate betrayal of Arbuckle would come later on April 18, 1922 when following the exoneration of the funny man, Will Hays acting as a front man for the studios used the power of his office to ban Arbuckle from the screen. In the meantime, San Francisco District Attorney Matthew Brady faced a serious problem. His star witness, Bambina Maude Delmont, was a liar and a fraud. None of her wildly damning accusations against Arbuckle could be substantiated either by other party-goers or the physical evidence. r¼mqi Map 2016.

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