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Uruguay Country on He both personifies nature and sees people as expressions of that personification and at the same time gives sorne verbal clue that this spiritualization of nature as the embodiment of sorne spooky It is no more than the reification of a figure of speech, the age-old error of taking a figure of speech literaUy. Here is just one striking example (80-2). The whole passage is too long to cite here in its entirety, so 1 abbreviate. The three pages are an extraordinary example of the constant poetry of Hardy’s discourse in The Return of the Native. 1 mean by poetry an elaborate system of figurative exchanges and substitutions, repeated tirelessly in the intimate stylistic texture of the text. The narrator has been presenting in dramatic terrns Eustacia Vye’s appearance as the figure against the sky (80) on the top of Rainbarrow, with its layers of ashes going down over the centuries to the prehistoric fLlneral pyre at the bottom. She is waiting impatiently and fruitlessly for her lover, Wildeve, to appear for yet another rendezvous. Uruguay Country 2016.

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