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Uri Travel on In its first form it was the problem of the Milesian natural philosophers, who asked: What is the relation between the manifold variety of the world in which we live and the one primary substance out of which, as we are convinced, it must in the first place have arisen? In its second form it was the problem of the religious minds of the age. Their question was: What is the relation of each individual man to the divine, to which we feel we are akin, and how can we best realize and actualize the potential unity which underlies the two?1 The Ionians had little interest in the aspirations of the religious mind. The Orphics were not interested in the origin of the cosmos except in so far as it explained the relations between man and god, and were content with a purely mythical explanation. Pythagoras, ‘The two sides find a meeting-point in the air theories of a philosopher like Diogenes of Apollonia, according to which the soul of man, consisting as it does of air, is fUKp&v fi6pu>v rov dtov. These speculations were of great use to the religious thinkers, at is explained in Chapter V. with his amazing breadth of outlook, endeavoured to embrace both, and to construct a system, involving both thought and conduct, which should at the same time provide a rational explanation of the paradox of the universe and satisfy the religious craving for union with the divine. That is the relation between them, and since all these movements arose roughly simultaneously, since moreover we have to rely for much of our information about them on testimony of at least slightly later date, it can scarcely be profitable to inquire further into the details of which of them borrowed from the other. Uri Travel 2016.

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