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CARMEN de ingratis 429430. In this polemicaldoctrinal poem, Prosper of Aquitaine d. after 455 deals in verse with the subject of the theology of grace, against the new theory of the semi-Pelagians treated in the Epistula ad Rufinum 426427. The carmen consists of 1002 hexameters, preceded by a preface of 5 elegiac distichs, which contain the propositio and an appeal to the reader to obtain from the reading of the poem a sure and convinced doctrine of grace, and by an introduction of 11 hexameters, in which the poet declares himself to be moved by love for the church and by the need to oppose the spread of the resurrected Pelagian heresy. The title Peri. United States Subway Map avcari,stwn, id est de ingratis, attested by the MSS, was probably given by the author himself along the lines of Prudentius, but in the preface he translates the Greek expression: adversum ingratos falsa et virtute superbos centenis decies versibus excolui to oppose the enemies of grace and men proud in their false virtuesI have composed a thousand verses vv. 3-4. The term ingrates, to be understood both as ungrateful and those who lack grace, designates CARMEN de synodo Ticinensi the Pelagians and their rejection of God’s prevenient grace.

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