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Architecture and Gardens The United Kingdom is home to centuries-old buildings. The architecture is engaging, connecting mankind over centuries of time. This inspired Disney Imagineers to create a wonderful pavilion filled with architectural highlights throughout the ages. Across the square to the left of Rose & Crown is a 1500s-style building with a thatched roof and half-timbered walls. This is the Disney version of Anne Hathaway’s cottage at Stratford-upon-Avon. Anne Hathaway was William Shakespeare’s wife. Shakespeare spent many hours courting her at her childhood home, which was a 12-bedroom farmhouse surrounded by beautiful gardens. The merchandise at the Epcot shop, The Tea Caddy, is based on those gardens. The back of The Tea Caddy and that of another shop, The Queen’s Table, are taken from set sketches for Mary Poppins. The Queen’s Table is designed in a 1600s-style of architecture that has overhanging upper levels. Notice the carved wooden decorative accents along the gable called barge boards. There are also wooden clovers, trefoils, and diamonds. The secondstory windows feature the crests of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Eton Universities. The Lords and Ladies shop shows a dramatic change in architecture. It uses dressed stone, carved stone crowns, and dentil details at the roof line. The window boxes are styled from the 1800s. Through the windows you can see the addition of formal curtains and shades. The building also displays a pedimented fourcolumn center on the garden side, and a stone baluster parapet along the roof line. The Toy Soldier, The Crown & Crest, and Sportsman’s Shoppe are also from the 1500s. The Crown & Crest has a dark feel from the outside. Inside is a high ceiling with walls of plaster that house an assortment of medieval weaponry: swords, daggers, suits of armor, flags, etc. You’ll also see coats of arms in artwork and on apparel. On the lower level, there is a large stone fireplace with ironwork gates and rich wood paneling. Iron chandeliers, rug wall hangings, and stone archways all give the feel of an old castle. The Sportsman’s Shoppe is based on the grand Hampton Court Palace, home to some of Britain’s most famous royalty. The original palace was built in the Tudor period with red brick. Abbottsford Manor is also represented. The stained glass windows in the Sportsman’s Shoppe represent the four regions of the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The post in the center of the town square is a sun dial. That is what the Disney Imagineers settled on when trying to decide what statue to put in the town square. A sundial has no religious connotation that many of the UK town square statues have, and it avoids controversy over which statue or religion to recognize in Epcot. The Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room was fashioned after several traditional pub designs. The eras represented are Victorian (brick exterior with wood paneling), 17001800s (slate roofs, plaster and stone exteriors), Dickensian (slate roof, flagstone terrace, half-timbered walls), and waterfront (stone walls, clay roof). In the water behind the pub there is a representation of the Grand Canal that in reality has two locks. There is a facsimile of one here. Take note of the variety of chimney stacks on the buildings in the United Kingdom Pavilion. They are authentic in style and design, and thanks to the detailed minds of Disney Imagineers they have a covering of faux soot. Each roof is different than the one next to it. Although these buildings are not all styled the same, they blend together to make a beautiful pavilion. Almost hidden from view is a lovely garden in the back, with benches and live music. Enjoy this spot where you can relax and perhaps be magically transported to one like it in the United Kingdom. The gazebo serves as the bandstand for British Revolution, a talented band that performs the best of British rock.

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