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Ukraine Country on At this moment, the reader may remember that the Greek word psyche was personified as the name of the heroine of one of the most influential Latin tales, the long and complex story of Cupid and Psyche in Apuleius’s second-century A.D. novel, The Golden Ass or Metamorphoses. Cupid and Psyche already appear in Greek art as earIy as the fourth century B.e. Their story has been told, interpreted, and illustrated in many different ways over the centuries. (See Figure 3 for one such example. Ukraine Country 2016.

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It was a dull reptile and no one liked it particularly although it had become a fixture. In the islands, tropical fish were difficult to come by and we would be badgered by people who wanted to buy some of ours. The habit had been to stock up on more in Singapore from the big fish emporium near the Thieves Market in Rochor Destination Road, where they cost a fraction of the price someone would have to pay in the islands. The profits made went into the bar fund. I took over as master of fish, which no one protested against, with the ambition of turning what was a hobby trade into a far bigger enterprise.

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