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Uganda Country on These gave me the idea of writing a novel about an imaginary South Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo 141 American country that would amalgamate material from these various books, including South American history, its landscapes, as weIl as characters’ names and personalities drawn from real people as described in these books.4 Why does Conrad not say that? Why does he hide his sources? Was it a somewhat guilty cover-up, or an honest forgetting, or is it evidence that Conrad disagreed by anticipation with modern art theories about the genesis of literary works? In any case, the story Conrad tells in 1917 of the origin of Nostromo is quite different from those of modern Conrad critics. Just what does Conrad actually say about the genesis of Nostromo? His account parallels many of Henry James’s accounts in the prefaces to the New York Edition ofhis novels and stories, where he tells the reader how a small germ or donne, for example a vagrant anecdote told at the dinner table, produced a big novel when James’s imagination began developing it. In Conrad’s case, according to his testimony, he once heard, back in 1875 or 1876, on the only sea voyage he made to South America, or rather to the Gulf of Mexico, of a man who had stolen a lighter full of silver during the turmoil of a South American revolution. A lighter is a barge used for transporting goods short distances, for example from the shore out to an anchored ship. A sail or sails move the lighter in Nostromo, not an engine. Years later, Conrad says, quite by accident he came upon the very thing in a shabby volume picked up outside a second-hand-book shop (Note, 2). Uganda Country 2016.

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