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Arezzo is a very stately city with relatively high rents. Downtown, expect to pay ‚600800 per month for a two-bedroom apartment. But just a few kilometers outside the city, near Cortona, a one-bedroom apartment with a garden can be found for about ‚350 per month. Family villas in the area can rent for as little as ‚650 per month for something very small in an uninteresting town, to nearly ‚10,000 per month for the lap of luxury. On average, though, expect to see prices closer to ‚2,000 per month for family villas in the heart of Tuscany. Most of the nicer villas in Tuscany are rented out to foreigners on a weekly basis. Websites such as www.tuscandream.com offer a week’s stay in gorgeous villas for ‚2,0004,000 per week for a place that sleeps 68 people. Couples can rent a single-bedroom residence for closer to ‚500 per week.

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