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The unity of the upright life is again brought out in the description of the human being as the image of God, because of the capacity to know and think Ira 18, 14, 17. From this resemblance arise the two sources of ethics: persons should respect other persons as they respect God Inst. 6, 10, 1, Turkey Map Tourist Attractions and neglect their own body so that their affinity with God may become ever more evident Ira 18, 14. Relationship with God is summarized as in St. Paul by the concept of sacrifice Inst. 6, 25. Nothing visible is offered to God, but only the devotion of soul and spirit Inst. 5, 19. God requires nothing external and is worshiped by the sacrifice of an upright life Ep. 53 581. The tension between body and soul is part of a wider tension that is essential for the moral life. There are two lives or two ways, and the choice between them is an essential struggle certamen, since God has made everything so as to put two things in opposition Inst. 6, 22. So we must always wage a struggle and make a choice Inst. 4, 4, 15-17.

Lactantius openly accepts Cicero’s position on natural law Inst. 6, 8, citing Cicero, Rep. 3, 22-23. Turkey Map Tourist Attractions The divine inner law serves as a basis from which to criticize positive law with its expedient variations between nations Inst. 6,9. Reason is the only guide to right conduct Inst. 2, 6, 11 and is found perfected in Christ Ep. 37 42. Although reason is supreme, Turkey Map Tourist Attractions the affectus passions are not condemned, as with Stoicism: rather, they must be used well and directed to what is just Inst. 6, 16. The great virtue that governs and crowns moral life is patience or perseverance Inst. 6, 18. Sacrifice to God and patience are completed with humanitas and innocentia toward others. Lactantius speaks little of caritas, but subdivides this virtue into specific, concrete parts.

People are bound by their common humanitas Inst. 6, 10, and this must be expressed by their mercy or mutual humanity Inst. 6, 10. Humanitas, taken from Cicero, is deepened by Christian mercy Ep. 33 38 8. With it goes innocentia Inst. 5, 17, refusal to render evil for evil. Whatever cruelty is inflicted upon them, Christians do not retort with words or actions, but trust patiently and quietly in God Ep. 48 53. Among other themes, Lactantius defends private property and rejects Plato’s idealistic communism Inst. 3, 21.

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